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Crime Statistics in Dallas

Dallas is a city in the state of Texas situated in United States. The crime rate here in Dallas is 58 per thousand residents of Dallas. This makes the city, the city with highest crime rate in whole America. If we compare the crime rates of all major cities and even the small towns of the United States, Dallas still has the highest crime rate at every level.

As per the statistics of last few months, the number of crimes are continuously becoming higher and higher.  The rate of robbery and the property crimes is increasing at 5% per week and which is a threatening situation for the law enforcement agencies of the town. The rate of crimes including the murder and man slaughter is increasing at 2% per week. The citizens of Dallas are of the view that they do not feel themselves safe even not inside their homes.

In the past the crime rate was so low that the chance of becoming victim of the crime was one out of 500 but with the passage of time the rate become highest. The police are of the view that major crimes which are being committed in Dallas are related to property crime and the ratio of property crimes as compared to the other ones is 5:1. It means for every five crimes related to property only one other crime gets reported to the police in Dallas. It is very risky to drive in Dallas at night.

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