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Check your Wheel Alignment

Do have trouble steering your vehicle? Do you notice that you have to jerk the wheel with force to make a turn? These are signs that your car might need a wheel alignment. The last thing you ever want to have trouble with on the road, is your steering wheel. At Hermanos Body Shop, we make sure to properly adjust and correct any wheel alignment issues. We use computer technology to scan your wheel system and spot any flaws or damages, before we fully correct them for you. We are also the best at what we do, and are well-known throughout the Dallas area.

In addition to providing you with a full wheel alignment and balancing service, we provide your car with top notch quality maintenance services as well. Vehicles at most risk of wheel alignment issues, are generally the ones that have been involved in some sort of collision, accident or hit a large crater in the road. Our skilled team of mechanics knows how to detect for any problems at an early stage, and provide your vehicle with the right solutions. You may also want to consider changing your tires, as they can have a severe impact on the functionalities of your steering. We’ll do a thorough check of all your wheels, and make sure that they are all spinning and functioning properly. All work is done on the spot, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed, while we take extra good care of your car. We also provide a multitude of services to your vehicle as well.

We believe in providing each customer of ours with the right amount of professionalism, courtesy, and honesty that they deserve. We offer the most competitive prices and provide each vehicle with the best quality services. We’re based in the Dallas area, and are fully licensed and certified. We work with the best, so that you get the best! Bring your car into our body shop today.